Distinguished features and warranty of our services include :

  1. Achieving the clients’ needs with absolute safety;

  2. Abundant accountable records of case success proving our absolute bona fide wholehearted attitude in our practice for clients;

  3. Adhering to the rule of absolute privacy for clients’ information;

  4. Performing for the best interests of clients as first priority and securing the best values for clients’ assets;

  5. Competent to provide the rare integrated advice of “property with legal principles and rules” due to the formal legal education;

  6. Professional services backed by the huge 23-year-old ‘property rights’ data bank as a shield and a sword and our professional advices particularly to be true and accurate;

  7. Only adducing the legally-admissible numeric evidence and advices of high weight, avoiding the undue delay and low case merit rendered by dispute in facts;

  8. All cases to be attentively handled and completed by Mr. Wong Yung Shing and other professional staff, securing the best & the fairest market values of clients’ interest and high case merit;

  9. Prolonged customers’ trust from all walks of clients and award of good reputation in the market;

  10. Taking into account the statutory laws, rules of custom, and authorities of common law for all cases and service deliverables;

  11. Providing our independent advices specifically to a particular case backed with accountable reasoning, without the common fouls in the market of duplicating service deliverables and plagiarizing professional advices;

  12. Not to link the fee income with the delinquent service performance including indiscriminate mechanistic assessment of the asset values, neglect of the key issues in cases, which are the common defects in the market practice due to the tediousness of service.